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Medical Assistant Instructor in Woodland, CA at PrideStaff

Date Posted: 10/11/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Description

Full time position located in Yuba City, CA  for a Medical Assistant Instructor

Instructors of diploma/certificate programs

  • Instructors are selected and hired based on their educational and professional experience and their ability to apply that knowledge in the educational environment in a way that students are able to learn from. 
  • Instructors are asked to take an active role in accomplishing the mission, purpose and goals of the institution, both in a broad sense and (more importantly) in the classroom.
  • In order for students of  College to be ensured of successful outcomes from their programs of study, it is vital for faculty to contribute to program enrichment and quality assurance.  Instructors bring a level of expertise that is critical in the development of curriculum.  Instructors are asked to provide feedback and generate suggestions for improvement on current and proposed curriculum, academic planning, equipment, supplies, textbooks and resources within their disciplines at quarterly faculty meetings.   Not only do instructors bring expertise to contribute to curriculum and academic planning, they lend professionalism and knowledge of what is expected to ensure student success in the classroom.  This lends itself to an active role in enforcing the standard of academic quality established by the institution.  Instructors are responsible for ensuring that students are performing to a designated standard in the classroom and for ensuring that this is properly reflected in student learning outcomes and grades.  Instructors will also be asked to participate in the selection process of new faculty within their division and for conducting peer reviews as required.
  • It is critical that instructors maintain and enhance their knowledge in the subject matter they teach by completing continuing education courses, in-services relating to teaching and in the faculty member’s subject area(s).  Faculty members develop and implement their faculty development plans each year and throughout the year follow through on their planned in-services and professional development.  If there are changes or updates the faculty member would like to make to their plan, this can be done at any time to make sure the faculty member has the tools he/she needs to be effective.  This ongoing training allows the faculty member to enhance their teaching skills, learn about new development in their field of expertise and enhance student learning by using these skills and knowledge in the classroom.
  • It is important to remember that when students complete their program(s) that they will not only be representing  College but each instructor who taught them throughout their program(s).  Each faculty member who provides instruction to the students plays a role in the ultimate awarding of each certificate, diploma or degree.  That is the reason for requesting the presence of each faculty member at the annual graduation ceremony.

Instructors are also responsible for the following tasks.

Updating/Preparing course syllabi, course outlines and daily lesson plans for the upcoming term with the approval of the Program director of their division.  The syllabi and outlines are accessible on the institution’s network under “Instructional Plans'.  Completed course syllabi must be submitted to the Program director at the beginning of each term and distributed to students on the first day of class. These will be maintained in a designated binder in the Program director’s office.   If changes are made after the first day of class, such changes must be reflected in an amended course syllabus that is distributed to students and program director.  Instructors are permitted academic freedom in their teaching methods.  Adherence to curriculum, course syllabi and outlines is required.  Changes or revisions are not permitted to curriculum.  Suggestions for changes should be addressed to the Program director and Director of Education.  Changes/revisions cannot be implemented until the institution has received approval from the state and accrediting agencies.

Providing Program director with daily/weekly lesson plans.

Preparing class rosters

Tracking grades and updating in computer system

Overseeing the classroom activities and ensuring that instruction is being delivered according to the course syllabi, outlines and the institution’s policies.  Instructors must also utilize varying teaching techniques to address students’ different learning styles and abilities.  Instructors should also make themselves available for tutoring of students who are struggling in class.  Such tutoring must be approved by the program director.

Starting each class promptly as scheduled and continuing the class to the scheduled time.

Preparing and delivering exams.  Ensuring that the academic honesty policies are enforced to uphold the standards and accuracy of the exam results and the completion of any academic work.


Scheduling guest speakers or field trips at least on a quarterly basis to add enrichment to the class. Documentation of the activities must be submitted to the Program Director to be placed in a binder.

Preparing final grades for students and submitting grades & competencies to the program director no later than one business day following the completion of the module.  Updating grades in the school computer system.

Job Requirements

Previous experience as a Medical Assistant, previous teaching experience is not a requirement for this position.  Must have on the job experience as a Medical Assistant